Sanskrit Word for ‘Sustainable Development’

Akshay Vikas is to enroll into a socially sustainable future by creating a value in a balanced ecosystem for the prosperity of life

At present our generation is experiencing transformation from unsustainable development to a sustainable development. Cultural values and good governance practices are shaping ethical social practices generating values with higher transparency. Environmental degradation is governed by strict regulation and competitive edge is creating a challenging environment.

Way forward we are experiencing a transformation from business sustainability to a sustainable business model. In the process there are still untapped opportunities available with expansion of current sustainable development concept.

Profit’ can be expanded to Values generated by the business
Planet’ can be expanded to ecosystem which needs to be major focus of all environmental initiatives
People’ can be expanded to other Living organisms as copartners with equal rights to sustain in harmony

Sustainable Development Model

Current Model

Current model considers three dimensions of sustainability as Profit, People and Planet.

The Proposed Shift

Living beings are copartners living in harmony, generating value and supporting ecosystem

New Model

Based on Ancient Sanskrit Concept ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ means, all living beings in the universe are part of family, hence all are co-partners. Business core purpose is to enhance the value of living without disturbing the balance in the ecosystem.

Everything here is about ‘Business Sustainability’

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